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AURAS: How to See, Feel and Know

"Auras: How to See, Feel & Know," is like three books in one!
1. It's an information packed, full color, complete training manual with 17 time tested exercises and 47 photos and illustrations to help you quickly be able to see Auras in vibrant color! It is the only full color book on auras available.

2. An entertaining read as Embrosewyn recalls his early childhood and high school experiences seeing auras, and the often humorous reactions by everyone from his mother to his friends when he told them what he saw.

3. Plus, a fascinating chapter on body language. Embrosewyn teaches in his workshops to not just rely on your interpretation of the aura alone, but to confirm it with another indicator such as body language."Auras: How to See, Feel & Know," goes in depth with thorough explanations and great pictures to show you all the common body language indicators used to confirm what someone's aura is showing you.

Auras includes:

  • 17 dynamic eye exercises to help you rapidly begin to see the beautiful world of auras!

  • 47 full color pictures and illustrations (in the Kindle or Full Color print edition).

Anyone with vision in both eyes can begin seeing vividly colored auras around any person with just 5 minutes of practice!

Learn how to:

  • See the 7 layers of the aura using Embrosewyn's pioneering technique

  • Understand the meaning of the patterns and shadows observed in the layers

  • Train your eyes to instantly switch back and forth from aura to normal vision

  • Understand the meaning and nuances of every color of the rainbow in an aura

  • Use your aura as a shield against negative energy or people

  • Power up your aura to have greater achievement in any endeavor

  • Interpret body language to confirm observations of the aura

  • Cut negative energy cords to disharmonious people

  • Understand health conditions and ailments through the aura


  • The secret to aura sight is to retrain the focusing parts of your eyes to see things that have always been there, but you have never been able to see before. It's really not complicated. Anyone can do it using Embrosewyn's proven techniques and eye exercises. The author has been seeing brightly colored auras for over 60 years and teaching others to begin seeing auras within 5 minutes for the last 22 years. "Auras: How to See, Feel & Know," includes all the power techniques, tools and Full Color eye exercises from his popular workshops.

    For those who already have experience seeing auras, the deeper auric layers and subtle auric nuances and the special ways to focus your eyes to see them, are explained in detail, with Full Color pictures andillustrations to show you how the deeper layers and auric aberrations appear.

    There are 4 versions of "Auras: How to See, Feel & Know." It contains 47 Full Color photos and illustrations showing the most realistic pictures of auras you have ever seen. To get the maximum benefit and quickly become proficient at seeing auras, the Full Color version is available as either a Kindle eBook or a standard paperback.

    A deluxe edition, large picture paperback is also available thru this copy and paste link.

    Special Note: This book is jammed packed with useful content. Measured by Amazon in Kilobytes."Auras How to See, Feel &Know" is over 7,000KB. All the other books on auras on Amazon come in at less than 3000KB. Most are under 1000KB.

    The best value by far, packed full of fascinating, useful information, filled with dozens of original illustrations, eye exercise and pictures, all in Full Color, plus dynamic, interactive content is, "Auras: How to See, Feel & Know."

    A rainbow world of light awaits you!



"Mr. Tazkuvel does a wonderful job at making such a complicated and specific subject like auras easy to learn while entertaining the reader with his own experiences as an aura reader throughout his life. The guide is well-written, casual but informative, vivid with imagery (from pictures to illustrations), provides tips/tools for training the mind/eyes and ensures that the reader gets a comprehensive guide to auras in a real and tangible way."

R. Coker  Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

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