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Questions and Answers

Over the years I have received hundreds of emails from fans and seekers of my assistance. I answer every one. But sometimes due to my schedule and demands on my time, it may be a few weeks. Occasionally someone sends an inquiry which requires an answer that may be of interest to many others as well. Following are some of these intriguing inquiries. Some of these are long and detailed responses. So sit back, take some time, and enjoy!

Psychic Defense Against the Unseen

Inquiry 1: Greetings from Corfu, Greece. I am 33 years old and am a ballet teacher and have always been into yoga and occults. I read your book on Auras in my Kindle and then decided to try your Psychic Defense book, which I found truly superb. In the last week, I read more than 6 books on this subject but yours was the best so far. Then I downloaded all your books for kindle and now I am reading the rest.

The reason why I wanted to contact you is because I had a very “unique” experience, that some people categorize as a psychic attack. I am trying not to draw conclusions, and to be honest I could find one other reference tin a book to a similar case as mine. With the difference that that person was found dead, while (if this is truly an attack) I seem to be very resilient to evil. There are some people on the internet who have had similar experiences but these are very few, with almost no explanations to them. Very few websites state clearly that these occur by demons. Why and how, eludes them though. Your book alerted me very much. I knew some of the things you described, I suspected others, but there were several things I did not know or had not ordered that way in my mind.

A couple of weeks ago while I was wide awake and aware, in the presence of other people with whom I was talking, I suddenly started to feel some sensations at my back and neck. At first I though they were mosquitoes, then I thought maybe I was bit by spiders, and my third idea was I must be having an allergic reaction to some plant. It was burning but I had to go on with the lesson and no time to check it out. After an hour, I returned home and looked in the mirror. I was quite shocked by what I saw. I took timed pictures with my camera and there were many scratches n my back, going to the neck, and even to the lower part of the face. They were burning and sore. The pain was gone only after I did a fire ceremony (havan) after 2 days.

On the day of the attack I was not feeling well. I skipped my spiritual exercises (mantra, anusthan and stotram chants that I had been doing for 3 weeks) and saw some nightmares as well.

Some of the stotrams I was using specifically to address negativiity and are said to overcome negative entities, so the prospect of being attacked by one, even though I was doing all these things, did not seem very appealing. I wrote to an author that I respect, to my yoga archarya but received no replies. And then I started to look for books in Amazon. In Amazon I contacted one reviewer who offered to help me with these attacks. But in the end he refused to help me when I voiced concern about him asking too personal stuff.

So I am trying to figure out what that was, why it came, what it wants, whether it was sent by another person and if it was an isolated event. I also worry for my students and other people around me that may be in danger. If you have any suggestions or information on paranormal scratches I’d be very grateful.

Embrosewyn’s Reply 1: (reply after reviewing pictures she sent showing the scratches on her back and neck) Your scratches are most peculiar indeed. I will give you my best insight and recommendations based upon your pictures, description and requests. First, regardless of what is causing the problem, if it is psychic in nature or a threat from any type of unseen being, neither your students or anyone else nearby should notice any affect whatsoever. There is no danger to them. If this is any type of attack, from any unseen source, it would be targeting you. Each person’s aura is different and for attacks to be successful on a scale as tangible as yours the attacker would need to know the nuances of your aura well. In other words it would need to be a physical person that personally knows you, or an unseen being that frequents your presence often enough to be very familiar with your aura.

Second, I’m glad you considered normal possibilities such as bug bites and allergies. As those are discounted please look deeper at the other possibilities and try to isolate the most likely source. Do you have people that are upset with you and are also into the occult? They would need to be pretty knowledgeable to leave physical scratches on your body but that is a possibility. If not a person, have you been involved in any occult practices, even something as simple as using a Ouija Board that might have opened a door to unseen entities that are staying with you like a shadow and causing this and maybe other disruptions? Before I get into specific countermeasures, please give me your thoughts on the questions I have posed. If we can zero in more exactly on the likely source, we are more sure to create an effective countermeasure.

Inquiry 2: I am very glad to read that people around me would not be affected if it was anything dark.

Yes, there is a person who is into the occult, who had been tutoring me for a while into very intensive, complex, long, tantric rituals. One day he asked me to do something which was against my idea of karma and involved controlling another persons will. I refused, he got angry, really angry, really abusive and I told him goodbye. Our ways parted last November. Recently he had contacted me and apologized to me. For some reason, which I cannot fathom, he was trying to get in touch with me again, but I was keeping some distance from him. On the day, that these marks appeared, he had sent me some messages to which I did not reply. Mainly because I felt too tired and distressed to reply. When I left him, he did threaten me. I kicked him out of my facebook group, which is quite popular and he had gotten really angry. I know he is capable of such things.

But the truth is that this is only a suspicion, I have no way of really knowing if it is him and I don’t like to accuse people without proof. In any case, I blocked all his emails and even deleted all our common friends on Facebook (some of which he was using to get to me). I also got rid of all the ritual items he had sent me. Yantras, malas etc. Just to be on the safe side.

When this happened I was in the middle of a spiritual discipline I was doing for 3 weeks. I had started that discipline because I really felt like my life had reached a very low point. This included daily chanting of Hanuman Chalisa, my own guru mantra, gayatri mantra and maha mrityunjaya mantra. These practices lightened the atmosphere and alleviated a lot of my health issues. I also started to feel happiness again during these chantings. I did some powerful fire rituals after the marks appeared but I have not resumed my spiritual practices. Though I actually should, because my guru mantra would connect me to my normal gurus, who are beyond doubt, souls of the light.

These tantric rituals were my most recent and probably the most dangerous practices I have ever done. When I told my yoga acharya about them, and the incident with that person, she told me that “I was rescued before anything too bad happened to me”. But many years ago, I was practicing out of body states, mainly because they were happening spontaneously since I was 15 years old. And of course I have been into tarot very intensely, into Indian Astrology (jyotish) very intensely and have tried several things through the years. Some of the people I dated also seemed to have occult powers, more than mine. The possibilities are really many :)).

The truth is that I have become very suspicious and very jumpy since this happened. I am always alert, and noticing any changes in how my body feels.

But nothing else has happened since then. I go almost daily swimming in the sea, diving many times :). I play the piano (for some reason I think this also helps).

Apart from that occult guy, I considered also 3 other possibilities, again suspicions without any proof. I don’t know if I should write them.

Maybe I should just forget about this, label it as an unsolved mystery case and put it in the drawer, because I see no way of determining truly what happened. What is your opinion?

Embrosewyn’s Reply 2: Though we could delve deeper to find the cause, I think a a more expedient course to insure the problem does not return regardless of the source, would be to simply enchant a piece of jewelry that you always wear to protect against curses, and a second piece of jewelry which you always wear to protect rom the attacks or attempts at attachment by unseen entities from lowly blobs to demons. Based upon your description and the pictures of your scratches, I recommend enchanting 18 Kt gold jewelry, without any stones. This will hold the most powerful enchantment for your defense.

Lot’s of Detailed Answers About Soul Names

Following are a series of questions asked by someone whom I had discovered a Soul Name for. Great questions. My answers follow each question.


Where do these sounds come from?


They come from you. You are the master of your life, including the life you had before this one. As the master, you choose your Soul Name components. Without going into the details of your preexistent life in this answer, you knew the expected challenges of the life you are now living before you were ever born. The Soul Name you have today may be one you chose in part or entirety to help you expand in this physical life despite the challenges you expected. Or, it could be one that served you well for many thousands of years before you came into this life and it has remained unchanged for millennia. I do not know which it is or perhaps it is a blend with some sound syllables that are ancient and others that were chosen to help you in this life. All I do is to reach out with my aura to find a tendril of your aura and by doing this I learn your Soul Name. But that doesn’t tell me if it is an ancient name you have retained or a new name you chose to help you in this life, or a combination of the two.


How would it sound if an ET being said it?


That would depend on how well an ET could vocalize the sounds. If they could vocalize them correctly, it would sound just like you or me speaking them. At some point I’m sure the world will discover real, live ET’s. There will be first contact and subsequent ones. In most cases, the ET’s will be able to physically learn and speak Earth languages as we will be able to learn and speak theirs. In cases where their physical bodies make that impossible, there will still be machine translators that will be able to correctly enunciate any language sounds to facilitate interspecies communication.


What was it like to just be, before I was born here?

Our physical life is a very brief moment in our eternal existence. It is essential to our eternal progression that we come into a physical life as there are many things we can only experience in a physical body that are impossible to fully experience and comprehend in a non-physical body. There are unique challenges to living in a physical body that build our character or tear it down. One of my favorite quotes is, “Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds you down or polishes you up depends upon what you are made of.” If they live a full life, most people will have the opportunity to experience all they need for their growth and expansion and have no need to return again to a physical form of flesh and bone as we know it. Those who do not experience a full life will have the opportunity to reincarnate into another until they have had the opportunity to fully live and grow from their physical experiences. However, just because they have the opportunity does not insure they will have growth and expansion. It all comes down to the choices they make. Having your Soul Name to help guide you can aid you in making the best choices for your personal growth and expansion.


Is there an accent on any of the syllables? Does that matter?

There can be accents on some syllables. I hear the sounds of your name when I connect to your aura and try to convey the accents or emphasis when I do the sound file that I include with the email of your Soul Name. But as the master of your life, you can choose to put the accent or emphasis where it most pleases and resonates with you. Finding the best resonance with your name insures it will offer you the most power in your life.


Is there any particular way of saying it aloud that can resonate further when saying it aloud and looking in the mirror, i.e. does tonal frequency matter when saying it?

Same answer as previous.


Why does the order matter? Why is Sol first?

When I first tune into your aura specifically seeking your Soul Name, I hear many sounds. Some sounds are louder than others. I make a written list of all the sounds I hear and rank them according to how loudly I hear each sound. Typically, a list of 20+ sounds will be winnowed down to 4-8. Each of the original 20+ sounds reflects an aspect of you but most are minor inconsequential energies. The 4-8 sounds that remain are by far the strongest and are the components of your Soul Name. But it is still a puzzle as to the order. I need to try different orders and say them aloud until I find the one that flows most harmoniously. When I find it there is a very strong resonance with my aura and I know it is the correct order for your Soul Name at this moment in your life; the order that will flow most easily and give you the maximum benefit. When the sounds are said in that order they will have the most synergy and amplify each other. Again, you are the master. If at any point you wish to change the order, or even change your name to call in different energies, that is your prerogative. Nobody knows you or your needs better than you.


Is there more that you can elaborate on when you say work with people as a leader? I am very un-leaderlike (or so I thought) so any opinions you have to offer on that would be great.

That is interesting. You caught me by surprise with that question as I did not write anything about leadership in my email to you regarding your Soul Name. I actually had to go back and do a ‘Find’ search for the word ‘leader’ in the email to discover the sentence.


“Looking at the meanings of the sounds of your Soul Name it is obvious you should be working with people as a leader, as you have a wonderful ability to help improve the lives of others in multiple ways.”


Hmm, I did not write this and I could only conjecture how it relates to your Soul Name. Occasionally, higher beings add things to my communications with others, including Soul Name descriptions. This is usually done without alerting me and as in your case I only find out about it after the fact from the person I sent the Soul Name to. Please consider that one sentence as being a message from a higher being, an angel for you. The key to unlocking leadership ability, especially if you are naturally shy or introverted, is to get involved in something you are truly passionate about. Your passion will help overcome your reluctance to speak up and take a leadership role.


My wife Sumara is a perfect example. She is naturally introverted and originally had no self-confidence to lead groups. She was almost terrified to have to get up and speak in front of groups of people. But she got involved with Zumba because she loves to dance and soon took the training to become a Zumba instructor. Today she leads large Zumba classes five days a week and has wonderful interaction with all the participants. Her confidence level shot up and overflows into every other part of her life. Having overcome her trepidation about leading and speaking to groups, in addition to Zumba she also now teaches other classes in health and rejuvenation through nutrition.


Sol – creating hot fire – I’m being dense about this. Do you mean like an auric fire? Or literally fire? Do you have any suggestions on how I would even go about exploring it? It is completely unexpected and it is kind of the one thing I really don’t know how to deal with right now. Is it a telekinetic thing? The ability seems to demand a lot of reverence for it so I don’t ever want to create destructive experiences with it. Have you come across any others with this ability?

This is both physical fire and auric fire. It’s an either or as you desire. I can only remember one other person having this ability in their Soul Name. They cultivated it after they first learned about it, but stopped the first time they succeeded in catching a piece of paper on fire between their hands. They were scared of their own ability and as far as I know ran away from it. At least I never heard from them again.


Finally, what shall be next in store? When you say “unlock”, how does that typically look in a persons life in a tangible sense?

Once your special abilities are pointed out to you as they are in your Soul Name description, it is more likely you will devote some time to discovering just what you can do in those areas. A redirection or re-emphasis of areas to focus on in life would be a common action for people resonating with their Soul Name. For instance, if your Soul Name had said you had great natural musical ability, even if you had never before pursued playing music, you would be inclined to give it a try. In your willingness to ‘try’, you would discover that it came easily to you. In your case, put yourself in situations where the aspects of your Soul Name can come into play and watch how well you excel.

Pursuing Higher Magick Knowledge

Inquiry: Greetings Mr. Tazkuvel, got your book “Words Of Power and Transformation.” Thanks for this kind of work and information. You made mention of ‘anyone interested in higher level magic’, should get in touch with you. I have that interest, if it’s possible. I’d appreciate any further insight you could offer in pursuing this intention. All the best and much continued success.


Embrosewyn’s Reply: It’s good to hear from you! I appreciate your inquiry. We do have training in higher magick for people that are involved with Celestine Light. The more involved someone is the greater amount of magick they work with. However, this is a path for a very few as it incorporates a lifestyle and not just a dissemination of knowledge. The magick we work with at higher levels is quite powerful and miraculous. We have found that in order for people to be able to successfully and prudently use the magick they need to have a firm foundation in Celestine Light. It is not something that is necessary all at once, but step by step, as ones foundation grows so does ones abilities and knowledge.


If you have an interest in exploring Celestine Light to see if you have a resonance, I would recommend reading my book the Oracles of Celestine Light. If you also enjoy books that are like novels you can read Inception and Destiny, the first two books of the Secret Earth series. They do not get into knowledge and principles as deeply as the Oracles. But they touch on them a lot on the periphery so it gives you an idea if you would have a resonance with the teachings.


For those who have demonstrated an abiding interest in Celestine Light and learning more than is available to the general public we have a weekly conference call on Sundays, which is by invitation only. Mostly we read and discuss the Oracles and how we can apply the teachings in our lives today to be better people. But we also expound upon some of the magickal teachings. For instance, last week we discussed the power of the Lanaka.


Beyond that, for those people that have made a firm commitment to the path of Celestine Light, we teach magical techniques and abilities one-on-one and in person classes when they can be arranged. We will be offering some online live video classes from time to time for introductory levels of Celestine Light magick. To insure our secrets techniques remain secret, the higher knowledge is never available in print or digitally. Only in person, only committed to memory, and only to people following the path of Celestine Light.


Hope this helps. If you have a continuing interest, get back with me.

Health Issues Slowing Psychic/Spiritual Advancement

Inquiry: I am Jamaican by birth and in the process of writing a book on the language that we speak that they referred to as broken English which I dispute. Need to get your reading on that program. I am the proud owner of 2 of your books. One  is the Aura and the next is Unleashing Your Psychic Powers, two very great books. For over 40 years I have tools from all walk of life in psychic and paranormal and my only regret is that I never knew of you before. It took all these years and thousand of dollars to meet you. My immediate intention is to become a Healer, but first I have to heal myself physically and spiritually and I do think those two books mentioned and my Soul Name and reading will be the start. I do have in my arsenal a quartz crystal  6×12 ready to go. How long do you think it will take to get my health and financial houses in order?


My problem health wise is that I fell from a ladder 3 times injuring the right shoulder twice and the left once leaving terrible numbness in both hands. I just cant see how well I will be able to operate without proper energy in my fingers. Thank you.


Embrosewyn’s Reply: Certainly I believe there is help for your physical ailments. An Insight Reading could zero in on just what is most needed and helpful in your situation. Repair and recovery does take longer as you are older. But patience and proper treatment with energy work, diet and herbal teas can work wonders.  I’m sure we can find some great applications of your quartz crystals to help you as well.


Based just on the limited information you have given me lets see if we can help your numbness problem. It sounds like you have damaged some nerves in your falls. This is something we could verify or discount with an Insight Reading.


If the nerve problems stem from a pinched nerve in you spinal column that needs to be fixed one way or the other. Otherwise all of the treatments are only treating the symptoms and not the root cause.


It you simply damaged nerves in your falls and they are not being pressed unduly by your spinal discs, it is only a matter of rebuilding the nerve tissue and that is pretty easy.  But it is not instant, as nerves are slow builders. 


It would be helpful if you put nutritional yeast on all of your food that it is appropriate for. It is great on popcorn and toast instead of butter. Drip or spray some olive oil on the popcorn or toast, then sprinkle the yeast on liberally. I use it on all my dinner entrees and most side dishes and salads as well.


Another great nerve rebuilder is Spirulina powder. The taste is not so great but the effects are fairly rapid and positive. I mix 1/2 teaspoon in the protein shake I make in the morning and I hardly taste the Spirulina at all.


On the flip side, alcohol and sugar and caffeinated teas should be avoided as these will inhibit healing of nerve tissue. Uncaffeinated herbal teas are either neutral or helpful.  Drinking lots of unchlorinated, unfluoridated, water instead, is beneficial.


Oats in all forms, including oatmeal are very helpful.


If you have a juicer, carrot juice is great for nerve rebuilding.


You should also add Tumeric that was mixed with black pepper and lightly heated to every juicing or protein shake. You can buy the raw root in health food markets. It looks like ginger root, except it is orange instead of yellow.


Raw, almonds, sesame seeds pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds are particularly helpful, especially if you are taking them all. They can be eaten raw or juiced or tossed in the mix for a protein shake.


In the food arena, avocados, celery, lettuce, carrots are all super nerve foods and can be eaten raw in salads or tossed into juice blends or protein shakes.


On the energy side, your big quartz crystal can be enchanted for a multitude of purposes, whichever you deem would be most helpful, from pain relief to nerve regeneration. Proximity to the enchanted crystal would amplify the benefits of whatever purpose it was enchanted.

Black Magick Torment

Inquiry: Hello Embrosewyn, I would like to have an enchantment made for me. I have been tortured and tormented by an ex-lover with black magic and even though I have sought help, it has been to little avail.


I work in sales and my business has suffered terribly, I have been unable to meet any men who find me attractive. In fact, it appears that I am invisible to men. People who I believed were friends have left me and a string of other things.


I saw on the website that you make enchantments and I would like to have one made for me that will allow me to have my life back. In essence, I am asking for a new beginning in my finances, in my love life, for protection and a new job. Can it be done? Thank you kindly.


Embrosewyn’s Reply 1: Thank you for contacting me. I’m sure I can help you. Let me ponder your situation for a bit to consider how to best incorporate the four goals you have outlined. (a new beginning in my finances, in my love life, for protection and a new job.)


The most powerful enchantments are for a single purpose as all the energy is focused on that one goal or purpose. But it is also possible to craft potent enchantments that incorporate multiple but related goals. I will get back to you in the next day or so after I have reached some conclusions.


Embrosewyn’s Reply 2: I have pondered your situation and believe I can help you. If you truly believe you are being affected by a black magic curse that would be a simple matter to enchant an object you wear all of the time to negate the curse. It irks me when people are cursed like this so I will happily make the enchantment to reflect back any negative magick to the sender so they will be afflicted with the same things that you have been while you will in turn have those problems vanish.


If the four problems you mentioned are all being caused by a black magic curse then all four of those problems will be taken care of by the single enchantment. That would just be a simple single enchantment. You would need to send me a piece of precious metal jewelry that you would always wear. It can be gold or silver but cannot be plated. Silver will actually work better in this situation. It should be either pure or sterling silver and not alloyed with other metals except the standard ones used to make sterling silver.


If you believe any of your challenges stem from a source other than a black magic curse, then they should be dealt with using separate enchantments. The new beginning in finances and a job are related so they could be combined in one enchantment. Love life is separate as is protection.


The best use of an enchantment is in a piece of jewelry you are always wearing. It is best to only put one enchantment in one piece of jewelry. So if you wanted multiple enchantments you would need multiple pieces of either gold or silver jewelry.


Now other objects can be enchanted and mineral crystals and other nice mineral specimens work great. The downside is you tend to not be in close proximity to them at all times as you are for jewelry. You just need to decide which will work best for your needs.


I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to be of service to you.


(she sent a ring to enchant)


Embrosewyn’s Reply 3: Just wanted to let you know that your package was mailed back to you today, Priority Mail with a signature required.


I wanted to share with you a part of the enchantment so you can get a flavor of the Celestine Light magick that is now in the ring. Below are a few of the lines used during the enchantment process. They are copyrighted to me. You may keep these for yourself, or show them to others if you wish. The complete words of the enchantment I’m not allowed to share, but I thought you might appreciate seeing these excerpted verses.


‘Upon any who curse her, let there be a blinding light,

through which they cannot see despite all their might.

Let their curses flounder, and the essence of their evil no longer hound her.

Angel Azkael, we call upon your shield of counter-power,

let all arrows aimed toward Sharon, return to their sender to devour.’


Questioner’s follow-up after a very successful enchantment: May I just tell you that you are a brilliant author. I just finished reading your book Destiny and it is so great. The unicorn got my attention so I decided to read it and I was happily surprised. It was thrilling, eye-opening, funny, sexy and totally riveting. I could not put it down. Thank you for enlightening me and making me more aware of this universe I live in.

Need out of a Dead End Job and a New Beginning

Inquiry 1: I am currently in insurance sales but I am miserable and burnt out with that. So, I am searching for a new adventure/new career. I want to be successful in whatever I do but I am very uncertain. How will an enchantment like that work for me? What would you recommend for this odd situation? Thank you.


(This person wrote a second email when I hadn’t responded after a couple of weeks wondering if I was on vacation)


Embrosewyn’s Reply 1: Sorry I didn’t get back to you quicker. That’s funny that you thought I might be on vacation. My son has been visiting for the last 9 days and just went home this morning. As for a vacation, I’ve never taken one in my entire life. Always too much to accomplish to take time off. During the nice spring, summer and fall weather I do usually take off one day a week to go to the mountains or the ocean for a personal battery recharge. And Sundays I try to be home and just relax with my family and stay away from normal work. But vacations are something I think I would rapidly become bored with. Working means I am creating things that benefit people. Doing so is  fun, rewarding and like play to me. In that respect I am on the vacation of my choice everyday.


In the meantime I get dozens of emails a day that need responses so even with people like you who are at the top of my list to respond to, and even with my PA helping out, I still am usually 1-2 weeks behind in replying.


In response to your question for something to aid you in employment, there are certainly some actions I can recommend.


First, I would encourage you for a longer term happiness to look for an entrepreneurial business you can create and run on your own. Ideally something that could be part-time initially so you still ad your regular job. But something that you enjoy and could begin bringing you extra income right away with the potential for a full time income down the road. As an example, my daughters boyfriend has had trouble getting a job. I recently recommended that he create his own job selling Manzanita parrot perches. We live in an area with a lot of Manzanita trees which is a beautiful and hard wood that parrots cannot easily chew up. For $5 you can get a permit from the BLM to go to areas they are clearing and cut as much as you want. Each little branch sells for about $15 on eBay. All he needs to do is drill a small hole and put in a screw that is wood threads on one side and machine threads on the other. Add a nut, a washer and an ad on eBay and he instantly has an easy, very profitable business. In your own life I’m sure you have hobbies and recreational things you like to do. You should consider how you might elevate one of those into a business.


My book ANGELS OF MIRACLES & MANIFESTATION should be out by the end of April with the names, stewardships and sigils for 144 angels that can help you in your life. But as a helpful preview you can call upon the Angel of Sustenance – Peliazel. Just talk to Peliazel as if he were a friend sitting beside you. (Don’t pray to him) Tell him what you seek and that you would be very grateful for assistance.


You can also call upon Teyzekael the Archangel of Avocation. Because Teyzekael is an archangel he will not directly respond to your request. But he is responsible for all the 11 angels that have anything to do with career, entrepreneurship, etc. He will assign the ones that are most appropriate to help you. When my book is out you will have the list of all of them and will be able to more specifically call upon the ones you feel would be most helpful to you.


Lastly, an enchantment for the purpose you seek can also be done if you wish on a piece of jewelry you send me. But if money is tight I would certainly recommend the cost free angel route first.


(I ended up doing an enchantment on a bracelet)


Embrosewyn’s Reply 2: Just wanted to let you know that the enchantment is done but I will not be able to post it to you until tomorrow. As I explained to you with your earlier enchantment, the process of enchanting generates heat. If an item is not solid metal it can become distorted during the enchantment process. Even with pure metals the color can also change. Your bracelet did not change color but it did slightly distort. Also, where the band met the setting was apparently glued. The heat evaporated the glue and dislodged one end of the band. A tiny drop of super glue into the receptacle hole should alleviate that problem. But the bracelet will continue to be slightly out of round due to the enchantment process.


If you find your bracelet no longer appealing, you are welcome to send a different piece of jewelry and I will enchant it with the same enchantment for you at no charge. Remember solid metal is best: either copper, silver, gold or platinum in any alloy, except no alloys with Germanium as that element inhibits enchantments.


Below are some of the words used during the enchantment process.

I call upon the Celestine Light,
to come to Senaya with great might.
Into this bracelet imbue the power of Wyn
bringing beneficial change upon Seneya like a fresh wind.
In every little thing that can go right or wrong
let her desired employment prevail, her dreams manifest strong.
From within her and around her,
always shall come that which she seeds,
to plant, nurture, grow and blossom her employment needs.

Copyright 2017 by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel. All rights reserved.

Inquiry 2: How do I use this enchantment? Each time I search for a job, do I call on the angel? Will it work to assist in asking for more sales? Thank you so much. I am very grateful to have found you.

Embrosewyn’s Reply 3: This is a passive enchantment, meaning there is nothing you need to do to activated it. As you wear the jewelry the energy of the enchantment will emanate. It will influence both you and others to bring about the purpose of the enchantment.

For you, it will open up beneficial ideas about employment and motivations to take actions that you would not have otherwise had or acted upon. It will help guide you to opportunities you would not have otherwise noticed. It will dispel apathy and instill enthusiasm and a desire to take helpful and needed action.


With others it will not compel them to hire you, but it will influence them to give you an opportunity to present yourself that they may not have otherwise given. And in interviews they will see you in your best light. You in turn will naturally be calm, confident and be able to present yourself well and in ways that will key in on the hot points the interviewer might be looking for.


Those are some of the ways the enchantment can help you.


Questioner’s followup: Embrosewyn, hello! Thank you so much for the enchantment you did for me. I am still amazed how the job came about for me. As I had previously told you, I was working in Insurance and I was barely making a living and really needed to move on from that.


Well, it just so happened that my car to break down and out of frustration, I went to the car dealership to purchase another. Unfortunately, my credit did not allow me to get a car with zero down and I was very disappointed. While there, a man came in to see the salesman who he introduced to me as his colleague and friend. He told me he owned a credit restoration company and would fix my credit for me.


We got to talking and I asked him to tell me about his company. Well, we agreed that he would help me and I would help him to collect outstanding money and organize his office. It’s been a few weeks and I love it. I am seeing the process first hand and it is so great. I have collected lots of the money he had outstanding and showed him how to bring in more business to his already thriving company.


Everyday I am so grateful for how this has worked out. I am in the process of getting that new car because my credit and life are being restored. Even though the pay is not great, it is steady income and I believe it will grow as he sees the value I am bringing to him. I still work the insurance job but as part-time now. I enjoy the “extra” income when I make a


Thank you, thank you, thank you! My daughter leaves for college in a few weeks and I am going to purchase one more enchantment. A love enchantment, so I can have someone to laugh with and share my life with. I am open to see how that will work out. The angels sometimes have such a great sense of humor. You are truly wonderful.


Aura Out of Balance

​Inquiry: I have been reading a lot lately about auras and your book is exceptional. It has helped me to learn a lot of what the aura is and how mine works. I am wondering though if you can assist me in improving my aura to attract what I desire? What is it that I desire you may ask? I would like to have the X-factor where my aura radiates positive energy and good vibes so that good things will be attracted to me. Great opportunities, great people, good fortune, good events etc. In my readings, I learned that at times the aura leaks energy, have tears and holes and also needs to be cleaned just like the body needs to be cleaned. I am very concerned that something may be wrong with my aura and may be the reason why I keep having the same issues repeated.

Would you please help me or point me in the right direction? I thank you.

Embrosewyn’s Response: Certainly there are actions you can take that can have an immediate and profound impact on improving your life. Celestine Vibronics techniques would be very appropriate as well as working directly with your body energy centers to modify the energy. I highly recommend that you get in touch with Skye Lani who specializes in these areas and has exceptional results with the people she works with using aura balancing and Celestine Vibronics. Her email is skye @ and she works with you via Skype video calls as well as other ways if you prefer.

I am a Demon

Inquiry 1:  im unsure of the current means as i am rather disconnected from my um well soul is the best word. My real name is Abraxas, and i need help freeing my human limits. the need is dire, please i need help.

Embrosewyn’s Reply 1: I might be able to help you depending upon who you think you are. I am familiar with the demon Abraxas known in more ancient times as Abrasas. There are also non-demons, both human and non-human, who have adopted this name over the millennia, some of them doing very noble acts. Tell me a little about yourself and your circumstances and why you have come to me for help rather than look for it elsewhere.  As you do not claim a soul and already known your name, you must be seeking some other kind of assistance from me. If you are suffering, and helping you will not hurt any others, or you, I will consider being of assistance and I have many Celestine Light means at my disposal to do so.

Inquiry 2: well i came to you out of desperation for hardly anyone has ever even heard of my name and what i was in the past, you see due to my attacks as a child from a family member, the severity destroyed what was my soul and abraxas my past life came to this one to help me through but now i have reached a dead end, i can feel what i am able to do but i am bound and sealed to this crippled humanly state.

Embrosewyn’s Reply 2:  Based upon your descriptions I feel fairly certain I can help you quickly and effectively. To confirm this I need you to send me a current picture of your face taken from the front. That will allow me to seek out and find your aura. Once contact is made I will have confirmation of your exact situation and the solution.


Normally I would charge for this service but your case interests me enough that I will provide the service at no charge other than continued feedback from you as to the effect of my ministrations on your behalf.

Inquiry 3: I thank you so much for your help, most of the other sources ive tried gave me only information on abraxas’s past that im already familiar with. that or they wanted to charge out of the ass for the same information. but is it possible for me to draw on my souls powers even though im still sealed and bound in human form?

Embrosewyn’s Reply 3: Thanks for sending your picture. I expanded my aura until it touched a portion of yours. This gave me a link that allowed me to learn some interesting things about you. What I discovered will likely surprise you and may upset you, but it is what it is. The good news is I can easily solve your problem as well as help you unlock the special abilities you have hidden away inside.

The reason you have such a strong connection to Abraxas, even to the point of believing this is your real self locked inside a pitiful human body, is you do have an essence of Abraxas the demon that permeates your own aura. But you are not Abraxas. In your aura I can clearly sense two distinct presences. This tells me that at a low time in your human life, perhaps during the violence of your childhood you alluded to, your human aura was beaten down. In this weakened state, the demon Abraxas was able to send a portion of his energy into your auric field, where it remains to this day.

This is commonly called “possession.” It is perfectly normal for someone in your state to think they are the demon that possesses them. In fact, the more you give in to that thought, the more you give yourself over to being controlled in thoughts and actions by the demon, even to the point that you think and act like you are the demon, albeit without any powers. Your human aura is subdued as you acquiesce and make space for the demon energy to pervade you.

A little demon history will help you better understand your situation and the easy remedy for it: Despite movies and TV shows that make fun of them, demons are very intelligent. In fact, they are far smarter than most people.


This is partially due to the fact that they are ancient and with many years of existence comes much experience and opportunity to gain knowledge.

Scriptures from multiple religions allude to a war in heaven many millennia ago in what is sometimes known as the pre-existence or pre-mortal life. This did occur. A plan was proposed by the Elohim, the god Father and Mother of the premortal kingdom, that worlds would be created where all the spirit personages of the premortal existence could come down into physical bodies to learn and grow from their experiences as only a physical body can.

For instance, if you have never tasted salt, how could any description help you understand what it tastes like? Only by physically tasting it can you know. To help gain faith, every spirit person coming down into a physical body would have a veil of forgetfulness put over their minds so they would have no memory of their premortal existence. This would allow them to develop faith, which is a very great power. Of course one of the drawbacks to this plan is people in physical bodies would make mistakes. This would, in the parlance of religions be, “sins.”


Unrepentant sins would bar individuals from returning in glory to the life that comes after the physical. They would still have life after their physical body died, but not the glorious one they could have earned.

Lucifer, a high being in the premortal life, did not like this plan of the Elohim. He wanted to compel every person in a physical life to only do good and never be able to make mistakes, thus ensuring that all of them would return in glory to the life after the physical.

However, that was not acceptable to the Elohim. They purposefully created a plan that people would stumble and make mistakes. As we overcome our errors and our weaknesses we become stronger, better than we were. It was never intended that the physical life should just be about experiences. A great and important aspect was to give us the opportunity to become more than we were by experiencing challenges and overcoming and learning from them.

This explanation was rejected by Lucifer. He rebelled against the Elohim and 1/3 of the residents of the premortal life sided with him. They didn’t care about growth from challenges. They wanted to be insured that they could simply return in glory after they had experienced a physical life.

Because they didn’t just disagree, but rebelled, the Elohim cast Lucifer and all who followed him out of the premortal existence and onto countless planets in the universe, with an awful curse. They could never have a physical body until the passage of at least 12 millennium and then only if they had repented of their rebellion and proved by their actions they were worthy.

Think of a society of invisible beings dwelling among us. We are visible to them, but they are usually unseen to us. That is the world of demons. They can be in our world, but also reside in an adjacent dimension. It is that dimension that is most interesting. For in their dimension they have a complete society of their kind, including institutions of higher learning. Demons are smart, not just because they have millennia of experience, but also because many of them have been going to school for a very long time.

Because of their knowledge, demons can be very helpful. Some of them, working to someday legitimately have a body, are benign and useful. They can answer a lot of questions that are otherwise unanswerable. Unfortunately, Abraxas is not one of those.

Most demons are like Abraxas, truculent and out to hurt, not help, those who have bodies. Because they cannot have a body of their own, they are thrilled to possess someone like you who does. Even more thrilled if they can make you abuse your body, or use your body to hurt other people’s bodies. You are like a puppet on a string to them. 

Now for the solution to your problem. First you need to clearly understand why you are NOT the demon Abraxas, but are merely possessed by his energy. Abraxas is ancient and powerful. While he can keep you as a puppet for his amusement and pleasure simply by connecting a tiny bit of his energy to your auric field, it would be impossible for any human body to contain let alone retain the complete energy of Abraxas. That would be equivalent of saying a squirrel could contain the mental and emotional level of a human. There is no spell, curse or means that Abraxas could be, or would allow himself to be, confined inside a single human body.

However, as some of his energy does reside in you, of course you sense that you have many powers that you cannot manifest. You are sensing some of Abraxas’s abilities, but your human body has no ability to do them. It never will. Your frustration can only build and never be solved as long as the energy of Abraxas remains with you.

If you wish to end this occupation and restore the fullness of your human form, which does by the way have significant paranormal abilities of its own, please send me a sterling silver ring, in the form of a simple silver band, that I can return to you and that you will continuously wear on one of your fingers. If you do not have one you will need to purchase one. They are available for $10-$30.

I will place a permanent enchantment upon it that will purge any demon energy from you and not allow any to ever enter you again, as long as you wear the ring. When I return the ring to you it will no longer be silver in color. 

The action of the enchantment changes the properties of the ring including its appearance. You may clean the ring gently with soap and water from time to time, but you should never polish it, or you will weaken the enchantment.

I will provide this service to you at no charge other than request that you include a self addressed stamped envelope with the ring so I can return it to you. If you wish to proceed you may mail the ring.

PS As I mentioned you do have good paranormal powers dormant inside that are accessible to you as a human. Once you are rid of Abraxas, you can begin learning how to access and use your greater gifts.

Inquiry 4: I am aware of these details sadly enough. however i must also add that with time comes boredom. i figured i would take the time to speak whilt i had the time. despite how mighty i am, theres always a way to bring even a god to his knees. i want to be freed from his body. yet a god mightier than i, scattered me power into three hundred and sixty five human proxies for lack of a better word. sadly you are correct most humans can not contain any amount of my power. thus possession for me is sadly a very rare trait. i hope you have a means to break the binds placed by the arch angel gabriel, and st michal.

Embrosewyn’s Reply: Very interesting. I return to my offer to enchant a demon repulsion ring for you. It is potent magick and I’ve never met a demon it would not affect.

The story you are being fed in your mind about being one of 365 people holding a portion of Abraxas’s power is one to keep you complacent and to prevent you from taking action to be freed of the demon possession. There would be no point or purpose in Elohim (a god mightier than Abraxas) of spreading the demon’s power among 365 humans. As you can see from your own life, it would not be beneficial to the humans and there would be far more effective ways to deal with a wayward demon.

The Elohim seldom interfere in the affairs of men or demons. But if for some spectacular reason Abraxas was causing so much mischief that he needed to be dealt with, the Elohim would just banish him off to some dark and forlorn world, absent of any other life for him to bother. For a creature that delights in disrupting the lives of others, that would be the supreme punishment.

Your belief about what is occurring with you is common among people possessed. The enchanted ring is the solution if you truly desire a solution. It is also not uncommon for people who are possessed to have a part of them that enjoys that status. That could be especially true for you being possessed by an extra powerful demon. It is part of what they feed you to keep you complacent and not rocking the boat. Being possessed by the demon Abraxas makes you rare. Being dispossessed makes you just a normal guy. A lot of people will choose being rare and messed up over being mundane and normal.

I write and teach about how people can develop their paranormal powers. Everyone has them including you. Some can be quite potent. Rather than lamenting Abraxas’s powers that are not available to you, I suggest you use the enchanted ring to be rid of Abraxas and then start developing your own powers and abilities. Send a ring if you want to be free or don’t if you prefer to keep your status quo. There is really nothing more I can do to assist you until I receive a ring from you. Good luck with your choices.

Countering a Curse

Inquiry 1: Please respond. I am suffering from a woman who has placed a curse on me and continues it every time I see her. It results in blinding head pain, inability to speak etc. If I mail you an object can you please help me? Thank you.

Embrosewyn’s Response: Thank you for contacting me. First, I assume you have checked to make sure that the affects you are experiencing are not from a medical/health problem. If they are not, then they very well could be from the source you wrote about.

I can help you and the beneficial affect should be almost immediate as long as the cause is the curse you suspect. This is a situation where a reverse reflection enchantment works very effectively. A piece of jewelry you wear, a ring or a pendant, will be enchanted and you will need to wear it 24/7 until the curse no longer has any power over you. It usually takes about two weeks for the last vestiges of the curse to be removed and neutralized.

A few points to be aware of: This only works if the cause of your symptoms are truly a curse from any person. The enchantment will cause the curse to no longer affect you, but instead reflect back and affect the curser with the same malady they afflicted on you and often worse! However, if the person you assumed cursed you, in fact did not, then nothing will happen to them. If some unknown person cursed you, the enchantment will work just as well on them or any other person and your symptoms will also vanish.

The power of the enchantment on the jewelry will fade over time. By a year it will usually be completely dissipated.

A piece of jewelry that is all metal with no gemstones works best. That makes the jewelry a singular energy. The more stones of different composition and size that it might include, the less potent the enchantment will be as it is disrupted by the energy of the stones.

Your jewelry may or may not permanently have a color change or distortion due to the enchantment.

Due to my schedule it will likely be 7-10 days before I can get to your project after I receive your jewelry.

Inquiry 2: Thank you very very much. I assure you that it comes from this person and I have proof. Something about it is aimed at my left eye and abdomen.  I am not sure where else but this much I know for fact. I will send this in the morning and appreciate more than you could know! Thank you again, My best wishes.

Inquiry 3: Whatever has been aimed at me has been confirmed as a NON medical problem. I have been affected in my left eye, face and speech. Hard to believe how powerful this has been……continues to be. I know one woman has been the one responsible for the curse. There may be other people involved as well. I mailed the necklace. It will arrive around noon tomorrow.

Embrosewyn’s Response 2: I have completed your enchantment and will return your jewelry to you in the mail tomorrow. There was a slight color change and noticeable deformation of the medallion from the energy of the enchantment. It still looks very nice. However it is likely there was some type of plating such as silver over a base metal. As I mentioned before, in those cases deformation is more likely because the metal bond is not strong. In any case, the enchantment is very strong.

Inquiry 4: I received the jewelry and would like to know if it is affected by water in any way or if it is safe to wear it in the shower, etc.

Embrosewyn’s Response 3: The enchantment is unaffected by water of any kind. I can’t speak for the jewelry itself. As you see, the enchantment caused a bubbling affect indicating the medallion must be plated in some way. I doubt it would be a problem, but I don’t know for sure if that would be further exacerbated by immersion in water or not.

Inquirer’s Conclusion: I am wearing my necklace 24/7 and feeling totally better.

Helping a Horse

Inquiry: I’m sorry to disturb you but I need to address this.

Is it possible for an animal to be cursed?  My pony has had incredibly bad luck in his time with me. He has been moved three times, hospitalized, etc. He had two horrific accidents, then was savagely beaten by a man and hit daily by others. He has become increasingly difficult to handle and is the most problematic with me.

I ask about the curse because I learned recently that a known witch had photographed him.

I realize that his behavior may have nothing to do with any of this but when the Vet made the comment that he had never seen one horse have so much misfortune wherever he goes….I thought I would ask you.

Embrosewyn’s Response 1: Animals can actually be cursed much easier than people because of their lower intelligence. But they can also be possessed by dark energies and entities easier as well for the same reason. Please send me a few pictures of your horse including a closeup of its face and one showing its entire body. Plus let me know its age, current location, and its name. I will do a distant aura connection like I do when I find peoples Soul Names and will see if I can determine what the problem is.

(She sent me a picture of her horse)

Embrosewyn’s Response 2: I reached out to your pony as soon as I saw the pictures you sent. Your pony has not been cursed. But your assumptions about his past are correct. Your pony has been traumatized by abusive people. He is particularly disturbed by men. He has a strong sense of loneliness. He wants to be loved very much, but past experiences have been confusing for him. Sometimes he found affection with humans. Other times he came to them trustingly seeking affection and instead got pain, both physical and emotional.

If animals could spell they would spell LOVE as TIME + AFFECTION. It’s the same for children. If you give your pony those two things in abundance, plus space and freedom and a well-balanced healthy diet, you will have a happy, health pony that is dear to your heart and visa versa. Another pony to share time and space with would also be helpful to alleviate his loneliness.


Most animals people keep as pets are very social in nature which is why they make good pets. They like to give and receive affection often. In their wild environment they are most often in the company of their brethren 24/7. But as pets they often live lives where they are not around any of their kind and receive too little love and social interaction from their humans, even the ones that love and treat them well. Many are lucky to spend an hour a day in good social interaction with their humans. With busy life schedules they may go days without any social interaction with humans or other animals. This unnatural, unsocial, isolated lifestyle frequently leads to mental emotional and behavioral problems. The good news is even in badly traumatized cases, love, more social time together, good diet, opportunity to exercise and to live with other animals can completely alleviate many of the problems.

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