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Guardian Angels

Receive the Name of Yours

Discovering and connecting to your Guardian Angel can have a profoundly beneficial effect in your life and greatly amplify their ability to faithfully watch over and bless you. Getting to know your Guardian Angels and understanding how to call upon them and enlist their active assistance in your life can be enormously fulfilling and helpful. Your Guardian Angels can help you in a wide variety of ways.


Once you have established a clear contact with them they will also help you both when you ask, and in beneficial ways even unasked. Many people just assume their Guardian Angel watches over and protects them automatically and this is true to a limited degree. But it is not like they live next door to you just a shout away. They are higher physical beings of another realm who transmit the energy of their presence to multiple place on Earth and in the universe simultaneously. The energy of their presence is always with you and continually will give subtle promptings to your thoughts or intuition to help keep you safe and healthy. In emergencies they can instantly be available to help. But there is so much more they can do for you and a much deeper relationship you can have with them.

Like all angels they have the unique ability to physically travel between worlds of different energy and spiritual vibrations if they choose. But it is still a focused effort on their part to physically achieve the transition between realms of reality and dimensions of time and space. As they are actively involved in many other projects on many other worlds, with many other people, they seldom make physical appearances. But you can certainly amp up your energetic connection to them!

If you desire to have a deeper relationship and enhanced benefits with your Guardian Angels you can take simple steps to establish a more powerful energetic connection. To initiate your enhanced relationship you need to invoke or evoke them. To do this most rapidly and assuredly you need to know their name and have open a channel of communication and connection from your heart and mind to their heart and mind. Once your heart/mind link is established the Guardian Angel floodgates open and your entire life will seem to be lighter and brighter. When your Guardian Angel is actively advocating and helping you, everything in your life just seems to flow with greater ease and elegance.

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