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Receive Your Soul Name

The psychic gifts of Embrosewyn Tazkuvel, have helped hundreds of seekers of light to find their Soul Name. Now you have the opportunity to rediscover your Soul Name and the important meaning and power each sound syllable imparts to you. Your life may never be the same!

Many people live and die never discovering what their gifts were. Your Soul Name is the secret key you gave to yourself before you were born, to help discover and unlock the mystery of who you are, why you are here, and the incredible abilities you have, waiting to be tapped and called upon, to expand yourself and help the world.


Each person born into life has a special light; unique traits, strengths and even powers, that when embraced can bring about a magical transformation. With your Soul Name and its meaning, you will be empowered to become more than you have ever been, as you embrace and meld into harmony with your true nature, and begin to utilize your greatest strengths.


Your Soul Name, like any word, is a series of sounds. But these are a special series of sounds exclusive to you. No other person has the same Soul Name that you do because no other person has your same gifts.


Your eternal soul is connected energetically to everything that exists; not just the places and people directly in your life, but to all the places and people on Earth and beyond. This pure essence of your soul lifts you above the mundane and brings the higher energies of the universe to you. You will feel the difference; you will become more expanded, more connected, more self-assured, more enlightened, more prepared to succeed in life and relationships.


Saying your Soul Name aloud each day, with an understanding of the meaning of each sound, will unlock and unleash your particular talents enabling you to become the sparkling diamond you are meant to be. These are the abilities and powers you wanted to make sure you connected to in this life to help you expand and grow, which is why you gave yourself this particular name. Even though your greater powers and abilities may have lain dormant up to this point in your life, your special Soul Name abilities will now be available for you to draw upon and exercise whenever you wish, beginning today.


It does not matter whether you are old or young, male or female, or what your spiritual beliefs may be. When you say your unique Soul Name aloud, and reflect upon the meaning of the sounds, the mystery of who you truly are will be unlocked.


You will unleash the power that has been laying dormant inside of you waiting to come out these many years. You will open the door of transformation to become who you can truly become.


How does he do it? “I am frequently asked how I discover a person’s Soul Name,” Embrosewyn commented. “Soon after I am notified that someone has ordered their Soul Name, I ask them to send me a clear, unobstructed current picture of themselves, taken from the front, mostly showing their face, preferably with a smile. Though it’s only a picture, it captures unseen aspects of their aura that are as unique to them as a fingerprint. After noting these, I expand my aura and seek out traces of their aura wherever they are in the world.


Most people think of their aura as only being close to their body. While that is mostly true, another little known aspect of the human energy field, is the aura of each of the seven billion people on the planet permeates the entire world! Each person is a unique ingredient in the soup of humanity. We are all brothers and sisters in energy to a level far greater than people imagine. A single individuals auric energy is far too dispersed to trace it back to them. So I can’t find where someone is residing in the world at the moment simply by looking at their picture. But I can rapidly sift through the hundreds of billions of unique auric telltales that permeate the very air we breath, until I find the resonance that is the particle of aura that is theirs, as was revealed in their picture.


Just like the DNA encoded onto a single cell can recreate the entire being, so too a single particle of a person’s aura unlocks the wondrous fullness of their entire energy field. Once that connection is established, their Soul Name is easily discovered as it is as much a part of their auric field as our hands and feet are a part of our physical body. Once I have made the auric connection, I actually and literally hear their Soul Name in my mind, and the meaning and powers of the sounds becomes clear and obvious.”




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