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AWAKENINGS: How to Awaken Someone From a Coma

Over 40% of the patients diagnosed as being in a 'persistent vegetative state' are misdiagnosed. Around the world, in case after case, victims in long-term comas awaken to the amazement and incomprehension of the medical establishment. AWAKENINGS describes many of the remarkable awakenings experienced by former coma patients, and reveals some of the most innovative alternative techniques that have proven to be effective in awakening those who many doctors had written off as being 'hopeless'. These include the astounding results that are being achieved in minutes, that's right minutes, using a single dose of a common sleeping pill. AWAKENINGS culminates in the ground-breaking revelations of the Philos Technique, utilizing six natural pillars to bring those thought far-gone back to their loved ones. In the darkness of despair that can dwell upon the hearts and minds of the loved ones and family that pray for miracle, AWAKENINGS beams a ray of light and hope.



I ordered this the day a family member went into a coma and after that cleared up before the book had arrived I passed it to a Hispanic fellow who's daughter had come out of a coma 3 weeks prior but was in a vegetative state. It worked, I was stunned. I know because I later saw the man at the rehab center my family member was transferred to. Don't write this off, this is for REAL!


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