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What would happen if you could call upon the blessings of angels and amplify their miracles with the pure essence of spiritual magick? Miracles manifest! That is the exciting reality that awaits you in ‘Celestine Light Magickal Sigils of Heaven and Earth.’

Celestine Light Sigils of Heaven and Earth is the third book of the Magickal Celestine Light series. It is an intermediate reference book for students and practitioners of Celestine Light Magick and contains a melding of the sigils and names of 99 of the 144 Angels found in ‘Angels of Miracles and Manifestation,’ coupled with synergistic sigils and magickal incantations found within ‘Words of Power and Transformation.’ To fully be able to implement the potent combination of angel magick and words of power magick revealed in this book, the practitioner should have previously read and have available as references the previous two books in the series.

When magickal incantations and their sigils are evoked in conjunction with the summoning of an angel for a focused purpose the magickal results tend to be extraordinary. The potent combination of calling upon angels and amplifying your intent with words of power and sigils of spiritual magick creates an awesome energy that can manifest everyday miracles.



Great addition to to have with the other book Angels of Miracles and Manifestation and Words of Power and Transformation. This book combines parts of both previous books for a more powerful outcome. I would recommend having read the other books before this for a better understanding of how to use what's in this book. Simple to find the specific angels you need to call upon as well as supporting words of power.


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