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Demon Hunter

How Would You Know?
How Could You Get Rid of It?

Though this book is written in the form of a novel for your reading pleasure, the account you are about to read is not fiction. These are real events that took place in a vast and very tangible unseen world of demons and other creatures of both myth and nightmares that interface with our Earth.

As a member of the Taz, a small cadre of specially gifted and trained demon hunters, Embrosewyn interdicted with these heinous beings during many dark nights over the past decades, ending the travails of many people tormented by previously inescapable horrors.

Demons destroy people’s lives and the only thing they fear are the Taz: the Demon Hunters.

This captivating story pulls you into a magickal world of mystery and deception, but also of loyalty and love, and doesn’t let you go, even at the end!


"Demon Hunter was a great read for those who love fantasy-science fiction, but even more engrossing and fantastic when you realize it is based on the author’s actual experiences. It sheds light on so many unexplained phenomenon that have permeated our cultural and religious belief systems for centuries and does so in a fast-paced and entertaining style. It also exposes very plausible reasons why our world is in such chaos today. As they say, knowledge is ultimate power and this book is a replete with knowledge. A must read."

Chris Ducey

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