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Custom Enchantments

All items sent to Embrosewyn for enchantment must be insured for their value, have a tracking number, and require a signature for delivery. If you live outside of the US, shipping cost to send the item back to you will be higher and will depend upon the weight, size and destination.

As an Adept of Celestine Light I have had many opportunities to call upon forces and energies from higher and diverse sources to help those who are challenged with vexing problems that often have no solutions through traditional means or therapies. For many years except on rare occasions, I have restricted the use of my gifts and knowledge exclusively to aid people who are following the path of Celestine Light.

More recently, as some of my books that pertain to these areas, including Psychic Self Defense, Unleash Your Psychic Powers,  Auras: How to See, Feel & Know, Words of Power and Transformation and Angels of Miracles and Manifestation have become best sellers on Amazon, a growing number of people have become aware of some of the paranormal ways that I can be of service and have asked me to help them.

Of all the paranormal gifts I have been blessed to learn and master, none has had a more powerful effect on my life and the lives of others, than Celestine Light enchantments. On a limited basis as time allows, I am blessed to be able to offer enchantments of light upon jewelry, crystals, healing and magick tools. The effects are often quick and extraordinary. All enchantments are done by myself in unison with two other Celestine Light Adepts to insure the most powerful magickal energy with the Power of Three.


Celestine Light enchantments are not the tame variety found in Wicca or among typical practitioners of Magick. They are VERY powerful and effective. But they are of the light and cannot be used for any dark purpose. As requests for help from people who have read my books, or heard about me from others continued to increase, approaching 2016 I decided to begin crafting Celestine Light enchantments to benefit anyone who understood and agreed to the principles upon which the enchantment would be created.

Single Purpose

The most powerful enchantment will be for a single purpose. It is possible to enchant a piece of jewelry or other object with multiple purposes, but it requires a more complex crafting of the enchantment and tends to weaken the power of all because it diffuses the enchanted energy among multiple purposes.

What is a Celestine Light Enchantment?

A Celestine Light enchantment is crafted from a very concise rhyming incantation and ritual. A rhyme is crafted, usually several sentences long, that exactly and rhythmically states the specific purpose of the spell and calls upon appropriate angels and the higher energies necessary to imbue a piece of jewelry or other object with the power of the enchantment. There are several other tools and secret Celestine Light techniques that are used to manifest and seal the enchantment. Once imbued in the jewelry the enchanted energy continues to radiate out its specific purpose upon the wearer, enhancing their life, protecting them, countering evil, opening a path to finding love and being loved, employment opportunity, or whatever purpose it was imbued to do.

What’s Needed to Do an Enchantment?

To create an enchantment I need to know the background of your challenge and why you want an enchantment. You can email me and fill me in on your situation. If I agree that an enchantment would be beneficial, I’ll ask you to send me a piece of jewelry that you will wear optimally all the time, but at the least, very often. I will enchant it for your needs and return it to you. Currently, it is running 10-15 days from the time I receive your jewelry piece before I can craft the enchantment and mail the jewelry back to you.

What a Celestine Light Enchantment Can and Can Not Do

There is almost nothing a Celestine Light enchantment cannot do for individuals on a personal level. However, some of the things people might like an enchantment to help them with are not ethical or in accordance with the teachings of Celestine Light, so those type of enchantments are not offered.

Nullifying Curses

For instance, I have had many requests to remove curses and have used enchantments very effectively for that purpose, with thus far a 100% success rate. How is success measured? When someone is experiencing often severe problems, accidents, unexplained sicknesses, sudden work failures or money problems, the cause could be a curse if they have a persistent feeling that a particular person, familiar with the black arts, has cursed them.

However, the cause could also be something entirely unrelated to a curse.

The person someone thinks has cursed them may be completely innocent. I’ve had people who have asked me to place a curse on someone they think has cursed them. It will never happen. I will certainly help the person who feels they have been cursed. But I do not put curses on people on request, no matter how much someone may desire it.

For this reason, a Celestine Light enchantment to counter a curse is a Reflection Enchantment. It creates a shield of protection against curses, purges a person of any curses currently hanging over them, and most importantly reflects back the energy of the curse upon the caster of the curse. Whatever they cursed to happen to their victim will now happen to them instead; often times in far worse ways. That puts an end to the source of the curse so no new ones will not follow. But if they are innocent, if they did not cast a curse, then nothing bad will happen to them.

Love Spells

Another good example is a love spell as they are commonly known. This is also an enchantment. I could probably completely finance my daughters college solely from compulsion love enchantments if I agreed to do them, as there seems to be quite a desire for them. But compulsion is not the way of the light unless it is a matter of life or death.

I am happy to do love enchantments of a non-compulsion nature. Meaning, I will not create an enchantment that will compel a person to fall in love with you. But I will create one that helps always bring out your best qualities when you are in the presence of a prospective mate, and will act as a beacon to insure you are not lost in the crowd but always noticed by the person you are interested in.

Yet, even explaining that, I know I will still get requests for compulsion love enchantments. Anyone contemplating such a request needs to understand they are seeking a false reality that will fail them in the end. Long-term relationships need to be based upon common bonds, goals and true attraction that is extends beyond the physical. Even the most potent enchantments will eventually wear off. What happens when the magic is gone and the person realizes they are with someone they have no real desire or reason to be with?

On the other hand, a worthy love enchantment of the light will bring about a mutually fulfilling relationship that will endure and thrive long after the original enchantment has run its course.

One of the really cool things a good love enchantment can do is draw you to locations and situations where you will meet men or women that you will resonate with in your heart and many more energy centers. Places you’ll discover Twin Flames that will fill you with love and be a catalyst for your personal growth and expansion. Best of all it’s a two-way street and you’ll do the same for them.

Employment Enchantment

Yes, an enchantment can help you get your dream job or help your business succeed. But no, it will not make either of those things happen akin to winning the lottery; where you do nothing and success just rains down upon you.

Similar to a Love Enchantment an Employment Enchantment coalesces energies around you that motivates you to look and present yourself the best and for others to see you in the most favorable and interesting light. The enchantment can help your mind work quicker, your tongue be glibber, and your self confidence to be fuller. It can also help the important points about you or your endeavor to be noticed by those who count. It doesn’t guarantee an outcome, but it helps create the energy that is most conducive to the outcome you desire.

Enchantments for Pets

Most often when people ask me to help with an enchantment for their pet, it falls into one of two categories. Either their pet is aggressive and misbehaving or lethargic and sickly. Enchantments can certainly be done to help a pet to be better behaved and can be very effective. But often times the cause of both misbehaving or illness is simply the animals response to either mistreatment by people, or poor diet or environment.

For this reason, please don’t ask me to do an enchantment for a pet until after you have emailed me about the situation and I can determine if a Celestine Light enchantment is the best course of action. I have a lot of experience with pets including dogs, cats, horses and a wide variety of parrots that have been my friends through the years. Given a picture, a name and a location, I can touch their aura with mine even over a great distance and often get an understanding of their pain, problems and challenges. The solution may be an enchantment, but it may also be recommendations for a change in diet, environment or interactions with people.

Health Enchantments

An enchantment cannot undo years of neglect or abuse someone may have done to their body. Drugs, alcohol, excessive caffeine, sugar laden drinks and foods, meals with little nutritional value and a sedentary lifestyle all take their toll. Most people are very aware of their bad habits that are destructive to their health, but they are not able to master the will power and desire to overcome them, so every year they just go further down the road of deterioration.

An enchantment can be an excellent help in these situations. It will not be a magic wand that waves away years of neglect and abuse to your body. But it can give you the firm, unfailing willpower to overcome your own weaknesses and bad habits, take away your desire for harmful things you used to crave and instill a passion to stick to a program to bring yourself back to vibrant health.

Protection Enchantments

If you are worried about muggings, abusive husbands or even over aggressive boyfriends, a protection enchantment can provide a great sense of security. It will not allow you to blithely go walking into danger and keep you invulnerable to attackers. It is not a superhero enchantment! But it can imbue you with an alert sixth sense that will warn you away from dangerous locations and situations. It will also make you seem to be a less than ideal target to any would-be thieves or muggers. The enchantment enhances your security, but you still need to use prudence and common sense.

Academic Enchantments

An enchantment will not magically put all the answers to the test you didn’t study for into your head. But I can enchant a piece of jewelry to help you be mentally alert, have a good memory and be inclined to excellence in your study habits and work, which by their nature will insure you do well in your academic pursuits.

Weight Loss Enchantment

Wearing an enchanted piece of jewelry that you see and feel everyday is one of the most effective actions you can take to lose weight and attain your ideal weight. If you made no efforts on your own, the enchantment would not melt the excess weight away, but it will imbue you with a will power and a dedicated, passionate desire to do the things you must, such as modifying your diet and exercising, to create the changes you want. Changes that may have always been too challenging in the past can become actions you look forward to doing because of the power of the enchantment permeating your heart and mind.

Other Enchantments

There are many other things enchantments can be used for. If it’s ethical, non-compelling of other people and will improve your life or the lives of people you love, an enchantment can very likely be of immense assistance. Please email me before placing an order and let me know what you have in mind and I’ll let you know if an enchantment would be of help and the best course of action for your to take.

How long do enchantments last?

That depends upon the power of the enchantment and the object that is being enchanted. As I mentioned earlier, if only an enchantment for a single purpose is put upon an object the enchantment will be stronger because it is more focused and its energy is not divided among multiple purposes.

Also, the best objects to hold the most powerful enchanted energy are all metal, either gold, silver, platinum or copper, of a substantial nature, without any gemstones in the jewelry. A related caution: Heat generation is part of the enchantment and the heat can become fairly intense. In 80% of the cases there is no visible change in the object. But occasionally metal objects can change color, warp, and in rare cases even be so deformed that they are thereafter unwearable as a decorative piece of jewelry.

Rings, heavy pendants and thick bracelets without gemstones will hold strong enchantments. An enchantment on objects like these will on average last at least 5 years at full strength and then slowly diminish in strength over the next 5 years as the enchantment energy dissipates.

More fragile objects such as thin gold chains or very delicate rings, will typically hold enchanted energy for 2 to 3 years at full strength before the magickal energy begins to dissipate. Less magickal energy is able to be applied to these more fragile objects during the enchantment process, so they do not come out of it as powerfully imbued as the more substantial rings, bracelets and pendants. Plus, due to their less substantial nature they simply do not have the mass to hold on to enchanted energy for as long a time.

Quartz Crystals & Spheres

Clear, high quality quartz is unique. It is like a blank slate upon which an enchantment for any purpose can be imbued with equal power. In addition to being a universal recipient of enchanted energy, quartz with its natural piezoelectric qualities further amplifies the power of the enchantment. Clear, single point quartz crystals, particularly large points that can stand up on their own, are excellent objects to hold enchantments. The bigger and higher quality they are the longer they will be able to hold enchanted energy and the more powerful the energy will be. A good quality, 1 pound, clear quartz crystal or sphere will easily hold a strong enchantment for 7-10 years. A 5 pound crystal or quartz crystal sphere will hold a full strength enchantment for a good 40 to 50 years depending upon the quality and clarity of the quartz. Any quality, clear quartz crystal or sphere larger than 5 pounds can hold full strength enchanted energy for well over 50 years depending upon its size and quality. Truly large crystals and spheres can emit their enchanted energy for multiple human lifetimes.

Small, extreme high jewelry quality, distinct 6-sided quartz crystal scepters or double terminated crystals will also hold enchanted energy at full strength for over 10 years due to their amplifying special shapes.

Maximum enchanted energy is possible when the crystals are completely natural other than cleaning. If they have been polished their ability to hold enchanted energy diminishes. If they are free formed and not simply polishing natural crystal faces, their ability to hold strong enchanted energy is usually quite low and I discourage anyone from sending me such stones.

Other colored quartz family stones and gemstones

If you have an amethyst, citrine, raspberry, or some other color of natural quartz crystal, or if you have some other gemstone crystal such as topaz, garnet or aquamarine, or some other special mineral such as lepidocrosite, rhodocrosite, turquoise, or rhodenite, please email me so we can discuss the best enchantments to use with that type of crystal or mineral for optimum strength, duration and effect.

Enchantments on Gemstone Jewelry

Jewelry with gemstones can still be imbued with powerful enchantments but the process is more time consuming and complicated. And there is always the risk of damaging the gemstone or changing its color due to the enchantment heat. Gemstones have an energy of their own that can be quite powerful if a harmonious and supportive enchantment is imbued into the jewelry. Rings containing multiple types of gemstones do not make good candidates for enchantment as there are to many conflicting energies being generated from the multiple gemstones. If you have a ring or some other type of gemstone jewelry you would like enchanted please email me first so we can discuss whether the enchantment you seek would be harmonious with the gemstones in your jewelry.

AFTER we have discussed via email the enchantment you desire and the jewelry you wish to enchant, please send your jewelry or object to be enchanted insured for its value and with a signature required when it is delivered.

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