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E. Johnson


This is an excellent book for people interested in really understanding auras and how they "work". Beginners will enjoy this as well, and people just looking for a fun and interesting read. Honestly I knew nothing about this stuff, and now that I've read this I think it's a really interesting concept! Doing the exercises in the book, I still have yet to see any traces of auras, but my eyes feel a lot better in general, and focus a whole lot easier than they did. I actually have low-prescription glasses that I have to wear most of the time, but I after reading the book and doing everything it says, I find that I can go a lot longer without them now! :) All the exercises not only help in what he's working the reader toward, but also just help in general! Even the physical exercises!

The book is also a bunch of simple, easy, 1-2-3 steps that are not difficult to follow although they explain and get us to do things that are so complex! The author has a nice flowing style of writing that's easy to understand. He puts some of his own experiences with auras into the book too, so we aren't just reading a guide without giving examples or explanations. It was awesome to have that nice storyline feeling to it going on in the background :)I've read many books on how to see auras and worked on trying to see them for years. This book and Ted Andrews are the two I found most helpful. The authors share similar observations. I have put years of dedicated practice in seeing auras (with some breaks here and there). And I am able to see auras somewhat, but I'm certainly not able to walk around and see people lit up like X-mas tree lights! Light affects how I see auras and I see them best in twilight. Like when a little bit of moonlight creeps into a darkened room and turns everything from black to dark gray. Then I can see some pretty amazing things - like air disturbances, heatwaves and spinning vortexes mixed with colored sparks, waves of light that roil around and colored flame that act like smoke.. Now as fantabulistic as this all sounds it is not what I'm seeing on book covers. What I'm seeing is much more transparent that just hints at the color intensity you see on the book covers. I'm talking a real pale comparison.  Also what I can see doesn't come easy. I have to really focus. Truthfully, I don't know if I'm seeing things with my eyes or clairvoyantly. All I know is....I'm seeing something!

Overall it was a totally awesome book, for beginners or people really wanting to learn this or for those looking for an interesting way to spend the afternoon. Loved it!!!

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