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I read the book in two days. Astonishing is my initial reaction. Embrosewyn gives you 88 insightful reasons to learn how to love yourself. Besides the wisdom, he provides a self hypnosis tool you can use. This is really a good book.

Every ten years or so I have the privilege of reading a truly exemplary book and I have read two of them by this same author. I think this book can provide the tools to transform one's life. It is not expense and can be read quickly. Of course, the advice is to follow a plan getting in the nitty gritty of loving yourself. No small task to say the least.

In our culture, this is not something that is taught much less advocated while growing up. It is astonishing to me how many people are detached and in a state of malaise regarding self love - not to be confused with narcissism. This is anything but.

The author asserts that loving one self is the fist step to authentically loving other people. Take it for what it is worth. If you want to change things for the better this book is a worth while tool.

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