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The Sigils in this book differ significantly with those found in the Gallery of Magic, but the book carries interesting information nevertheless. I like the book and have used it successfully to improve aspects of my life. I can't explain it rationally, but it works. The information is contemporary and ancient. As a new comer to the information it would be helpful for a book expanding in depth the history of the wisdom it offers, i.e., where the information comes from in a historic context. It origins, Also helpful would be citations from ancient manuscripts. Who originally used this information and how it developed and evolved in years past. The author notes Jesus was the first one to use the information and hints at other historic contexts. It would be helpful to have a book entirely on the information and its historic roots and routes through history. My sense is, although I cannot confirm this, is that the information holds its origins in WIccan Religions and its forerunners. I am not certain this is accurate or true but the Brand Books seem to mirror Jewish Mysticism and the Kabballah. Either way - regardless of its history - the book delivers.

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