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Tazkuvel has written the best books consistently for years. This is another one! The book is filled with common sense approaches and tools for building a neglected attribute that every human has hidden within.

We live in a culture that is entirely predicated to wipe out and destroy paranormal abilities that we were born with. We knew these abilities when we were children until contemporary culture drives it underground and we are taught to ignore these qualities. Here is the good news, Tazkuvel teaches you how to awaken these dormant attributes and charge them to a high degree.

Modern culture is the death knell to everything humans were meant to be. If you want to get off the hamster wheel of conformity to the rat race and empower your own life again: this author is a must read. Brainwashing and subliminal programing is what contemporary culture is all about. They want obedient bots while creating a Borg Nation of automatons eager to do whatever they are told by the Stasi State apparatus. If they tell you to jump off the nearest cliff, watch the line form.

Tazkuvel is a freedom fighter and warrior who is breaking chains. Read him at your own risk. You may find yourself telling your boss to shove the job you hate, or walking out of your Doctor's Office while ditching the rat poison he wants you take and will destroy your organ system. Freedom never looked so good.

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