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Holly Wood


This is a beautiful book. The word "generous" comes to mind - it's like the author is just sharing everything he possibly can, including ideas of other experts, in order to help you (to help yourself) feel better. This is actually the first Amazon review I've ever written, but I just felt like I had to thank Embrosewyn Tazkuvel, for being so generous. Hard to explain read it and see for yourself! It's just chock-full of good ideas - there is surely something in here for everyone, including those that consider themselves 'good' at self-care (as I did). In saying that, it's presented in such a way that you don't need to retain or absorb a whole lot of information at once - you can just dip into certain parts, and save others for later... so good. It opened my imagination and set my spirit spinning with possibilities and ideas. It's rare to find a book with this effect. The authors writing grabbed me from the get-go; it's charming, smooth, and intelligent without being pretentious. An amazing read.

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