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I bought a kindle version and right away read almost whole book, while trying to familiarize with sigils and pronunciations. During the process and at certain times I felt a little bit weird but that's all. Next day in the morning I tried a number of words/sigils combinations and gave it several hours but nothing happened so I assumed that I basically wasted seven bucks which is not the first time, and it is not a big deal. To be honest, I didn't expect for some big miracle to happen in just few hours but I expected that slight pleasurable magical feeling which I usually have when magic is real and something magical is about to happen (now or sometimes in the future).

But then, that same day (evening hours) I did a short ritual with angel Ravchiel (from some other source) felt almost nothing, and went out for a walk. During the walk, I noticed few waves of negative thoughts bothering me and decided to give it another try and use "Stop thinking negative thoughts" words of power. So basically I was walking and at the same time looking at sigil at my phone screen, while whispering the words of power. It took me less then 20 seconds and then suddenly, I felt slightly pleasurable feeling in my heart chakra, which during next two hours turned to full blown ecstasy experience which I felt in my whole body.

I can't really tell what exactly triggered such an experience, but now I'm sure I didn't waste money on this book. Not at all!

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