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J.V.R. “The Grunt”


Since the enchantment on my ring for protection and to counter bad people trying to hurt me, various good incidents have occurred neutralizing and removing them from my life. Two neighbors that loudly partied every Thursday to Saturday with a large group of their friends left all of sudden and no longer reside in the neighborhood. They were getting out of hand and making threats. They were brave only when under the influence. I saw the bewildered look on their faces before they left.

Another male neighbor that had roughed up a woman neighbor had many bad things suddenly happen to him. He rolled on the ground when the police arrived and accused the woman of beating him up. The police arrested her. But he soon lost everything, his wife, her car, his truck, his home and all his possessions.

Our home was also protected and survived hurricane Harvey with only minor damaged. We received help from various groups of Christians and neighbors on the fences and debris clean up. We also did our part in helping out.

At work all the troublemakers are quite confused as to why I am being better treated by management. All their attempts now at creating problems for me keep backfiring on them. They are a very confused bunch. All the trouble making techniques they have used in the past are no longer working. Seems like all their efforts at creating hate and discontent for the other employees are also not producing the energy boost they once enjoyed.

I am seriously considering another enchantment. I have a lot of faith in its effectiveness. I am a most humble true believer in the power of Celestine Light. With love and respect.

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