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A beautiful, poetic book that is filled with so many life lessons. The book is written with a poetic cadence, yet simple and well thought. “The journey of life is like the formidable challenge of fording a mighty river...swift and furious rush of turbulent waters...pushing, pulling, surprising with bursting waves of cold, unexpected fury,” was masterfully written into the intro of the second step, and answering the question: What is balance? So many important questions about life are asked throughout the 22 steps including: balance, character, habits, love, marriage, children, happiness, and friendship.

Even though the book is titled “22 Steps to the Light of the Soul, a plausible alternate title could be: “Everything you should consider and know about the stuff that actually matters in your life.” The book covers so many of life’s challenges and allows you to understand why things are what the are. I love the creative word-smithing of the author, and the fact that he asks many of the same questions that I ask myself. When I was reading the book, I actually felt like the book was written for me. In fact, I even caught myself nodding in agreement with several of the 22 steps. I recommend this book to anyone looking to better understand themselves and their relationships with others.

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