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Lizzie Jameson


This is a very good spiritual approach about how essentially we are all connected in one way or another. I have actually used this book to double check if me and my boyfriend are in the same Aura and I made sure that we connected on all spiritual auras. I love how the author carefully explains the very thin line of someone being either your soul mate or your twin flame. This books gives us a valuable reminder that everything in life is about making a choice between living in fear or living in love. That's almost there is about life, and you need to choose wisely, of course. Notice the multiple understandings of VM point, which is the center of both sexuality and creativity. To me, this is really interesting and intriguing. Who would have thought that one night stands or short-term relationships can actually be explained (almost) rationally ? Well, here you have it, Embrosewyn Tazkuvel dives into this waters and tries to explain as briefly and as concise as possible.

An inspiring book created by a gifted author who tries to give something back after numerous trips and meetings around the world. Really inspiring and deep connection is established with the readers. I would highly recommend this to everyone who seeks his transcendent self, or anyone who wants peace in his life.

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