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Mama Rosy


I bought this book a few days ago, used one of the angel names and sigil exactly as the instructions indicated. Within hours, YES, I SAID WITHIN 3 or 4 HOURS, I got the best news regarding what I requested for. People, this stuff works! Be positive and trust the Angels to answer you and they will! Please do not allow any negative review to block you from using knowledge from this book. You will definitely hear, see and read strange and uncommon things when you lean towards mysticism and spirituality so don't be deterred. Very very few people know the real thing. Follow your intuition. I followed mine, bought this book, got an instant result and will keep calling the Angels when the need arises. If one could give more than 5 stars, this book would have gotten it from me. I sincerely thank the author for releasing such a treasure to the world. Thank you.

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