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Matt Pepple


Embrosewyn is a very great writer. Having read Oracles of Celestine Light, was really excited to find out he had another book, and that was what had prompted me to get it and read it. The book reads like an adventure. Having read and familiarized myself with Oracles of Celestine Light; this story picks up with Lazarus, who is acquainted with Yeshua of Nazareth through his sister Miriam. The book runs parallel to Oracles of Celestine Light and is told primarily through Lazarus' own experiences. We travel with Lazarus through the Celestine Realm, where he meets Bityah, his grandfather, and back to Earth, all the way to the Fifth Kingdom. Be prepared for a surprise at the end! A very great read, awesome story that kept me glued to it the entire time. Hard to put down!

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