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My family and I was under intense psychic attacks by a so called "healer" who is very well explained in chapter 21 and 22. A lot of people say you don't need protection as long as you're a good human being. This is true to some extent but even the most advanced psychics, healers, Samaritans need protection esp. if the attacks are coming from an experienced healer or psychic whos misusing the gift. We had tried chants, stones, various clearings to no avail. I wont go in to detail what the attacks were causing us. One day my spleen was attacked and I was in a lot of pain. Not being able to bear it anymore and finally reaching a point where I was annoyed for being punished for something I haven't done to this person, I cried out to anyone (including Angels, My dead ancestors etc.) who can help me to protect myself. Two days later I was looking at face creams on Amazon and suddenly I'm in this page. Honestly I clicked on it cos I thought it had a funny cover. But I'm so glad I didn't judge this book by its cover. I've already tried the methods he explains and haven't felt many attacks since. even if I do I can feel that it doesn't get past my shield, This is my way of thanking the author. May God, The Noble Triple Gem bless you for helping people who really need it :-)

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