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Celestine Vibronics is a multidiscipline, holistic healing art and science that looks at balancing, harmonizing, and healing the five major aspects of who and what we are as humans: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social, to help create more fulfilling relationships and a happier, healthier, and longer life. It is a dynamic wellness program that utilizes dozens of different treatment methods to help heal and balance the body, heart, and mind, so life becomes more joyous and fulfilling despite past traumas or the continuing challenges and vicissitudes of everyday life.


I highly recommend anyone desiring a Celestine Vibronics session to do so with Skye Lani, a CV Adept with over 40 years of experience. She achieves remarkable results beginning with the very first session. What follows is Skye's explanation of what you can expect with her in a Celestine Vibronics session.



A CV Session can be done in my healing room in Ashland, Oregon, or anywhere in the world on a Zoom call. While the Zoom call will not allow for the hands-on energy balancing and healing I do in person, it will still include cord removal, energy pattern changes, energy balancing, and Auric Parasite removal.


Who Can Benefit from Celestine Vibronics?

Perhaps you have an addiction you've been unable to break, depression, stutter, irrational fears, guilt, anxiety, continual pain, asthma, disease, negative patterns such as attracting the wrong mate, never having enough money, never finding the right job, lack of self-confidence, and the list goes on.


Or perhaps you have reoccurring memories of negative traumatic events that play over and over in your mind, even though they may have occurred long ago. Sometimes those haunting old memories can even trigger negative physical responses in your body every time you recall it.


It is also not uncommon to find negative energy blockages still binding and inhibiting someone from living the fullness of their life due to cultural patterns, or even being held back in their life by generational traumas experienced by their ancestors.


Regardless of the source, these memories and the issues that arise from them are usually due to negative energy cords from past traumas connecting to one or more of your Root Ki’s (Chakras) that are continuing to cause physical, mental, and/or emotional disruptions in your life. Over time, these disruptions can cause repeating dark patterns in your life which make it seem as if you just can't change the harmful habits, negative behaviors, physical maladies, or hurtful feelings, no matter what you try!


Types of remembered or subconsciously buried memories could include experiences such as a strong rejection by parents, friends, or loved ones; a physical accident; loss of a loved one; rape, or other physical and mental abuse; observing a terrible scene in real life or a movie; being in a war with all the ensuing trauma; being strongly scared by something as a child or adult; being told over and over how stupid and/or no good you are by parents, cultural practices or inhibitions, and even traumas experienced by your ancestors. The list can go on and on!


If the cords are not pulled and the energy patterns changed, a person will continue their life always weighed down by the past and never able to completely reach their full potential!

Sometimes negative cords may be intentionally or subconsciously sent by another person to you, or you may be intentionally or unintentionally sending and maintaining a negative cord to someone else.


All illness has a root cause and CV traces the physical, mental, or emotional issue down to its root source, to discover where it began and where the core of the negative energy is residing within you. Most often there is an emotional cause or experiences, even when the negative manifestation may be in bad habits, poor health, or shattered relationships. Sometimes, the root cause is based in a purely physical reason, such as exposure to toxic substances, or being subjected to too many EMFs.


Whatever it is, A CV Session can trace the root cause and allow positive changes to begin in your mental, emotional, and physical life through energy work and suggested lifestyle changes.


What are Auric Parasites?

When the Aura and Root Ki’s have developed weakened areas due to such things as strong emotional upsets, poor diet, addictions, poor health, etc., malevolent energy can attach to a person’s weakened areas and feed off their energy, just like an internal negative parasite does.


What is an Aura?

Every living thing from a plant to a human has an aura. As humans, we have more extensive auras than lower forms of life. An Aura is a bio-electric energy field surrounding and emanating from our bodies. Seven spinning spheres of rainbow-colored energy inside our bodies, known as Chakras, or in CV as Root Ki’s, are the primary generators of the Auric Field.


When a person is weakened from physical, emotional, or mental distress, the Root Ki’s can slow down their movement, get out of sync with each other, become smaller or even too large, and can develop holes, rips, energy tumors, and walls around them.

If one Root Ki is disrupted, it will cause the others to become disrupted as well. If these problems are not competently addressed, the physical body can eventually become diseased in some way. This is why the Energy Centers in the body are called Root Ki’s in CV as they are usually at the root of our physical, mental, and emotional problems.


Like our muscles, the Root Ki’s and Aura need to be regularly exercised and balanced, which is what is done in a CV session, along with negative cord removal, changing the negative energy patterns, checking for and removing auric parasites, and revitalizing and energizing your auric strength. You will feel refreshed and lighter after a session but will also need to rest a while afterward, as cord removal is similar to physical surgery except you will heal much quicker from it!


During each CV Session, we usually accomplish getting at least 2 cords removed and the energy pattern changed, as well as the aura and Root Ki’s balanced.


The first in-person session can last about 2 hours. On Zoom, the first session usually lasts about 1.5 hours. Successive in-person sessions last about 1.5 hours. Successive sessions on Zoom typically last about 1 hour until all negative cords are removed and energy patterns changed.


First Zoom CV Session $200

Follow-up In-person Sessions $125 each

First In-person CV Session $250

Follow-up In-person Sessions $185 each


Once all negative cords have been removed and energy patterns changed, you can periodically have a general tune-up and energy balancing session as maintenance.


During our session together I will teach you how to check in with yourself to see if any new negative patterns have developed and how to change them yourself. I also teach you how to daily exercise and strengthen your Aura and Root Ki’s.


Don't Wait. Begin Transforming Into The New and Improved You Today!

Celestine Vibronics First Zoom Session

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