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As an Adept of Celestine Light I have had many opportunities to call upon forces and energies from higher and diverse sources to help those who are challenged with vexing problems that often have no solutions through traditional means or therapies. For many years except on rare occasions, I have restricted the use of my gifts and knowledge exclusively to aid people who are following the path of Celestine Light.


More recently, as some of my books that pertain to these areas, including Psychic Self DefenseUnleash Your Psychic Powers,  Auras: How to See, Feel & Know, Words of Power and Transformation and Angels of Miracles and Manifestation have become best sellers on Amazon, a growing number of people have become aware of some of the paranormal ways that I can be of service and have asked me to help them.


Of all the paranormal gifts I have been blessed to learn and master, none has had a more powerful affect on my life and the lives of others, than Celestine Light enchantments. In my books I’ve shared some of my personal experiences with the power of enchantments. But I’ve refrained from sharing my most extraordinary adventures and results, because they would simply be too unbelievable to most people.


Celestine Light enchantments are not the tame variety found in Wicca or among typical practitioners of Magick. They are VERY powerful and effective. But they are of the light and cannot be used for any dark purpose. As requests for help from people who have read my books, or heard about me from others continued to increase, approaching 2016 I decided to begin crafting Celestine Light enchantments to benefit anyone who understood and agreed to the principles upon which the enchantment would be created.


All items sent to Embrosewyn for enchantment must be insured for their value, have a tracking number, and require a signature for delivery. If you live outside of the US, shipping cost to send the item back to you will be higher and depend upon the weight, size and destination.


AFTER we have discussed via email the enchantment you desire and the jewelry you wish to enchant, please send your jewelry or object to be enchanted insured for its value and with a signature required when it is delivered.

Custom Enchantment

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