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Sumara needs to know your Soul Name and the meaning of the sounds before she can create your Soul Art. If you already have your Soul Name and the meaning of the sounds, you may order your Soul Art separately. If you still need your Soul Name, please add it to your cart together with your order for your Soul Art.


Sumara will then create an impactful 30” x 20” piece of artwork on an internally framed canvas, embellished with Swarovski cyrstels and sparkles that will embody all the meanings of the Soul Name harmoniously blended into a single masterpiece.


Above are some examples of Soul Art. Sometimes it is condusive to put the Soul Name Definitions right on the main piece of art and sometimes it is better to create a separate piece of art for the Soul Name Definitions.


** Please note that it is usually about 4-6 weeks from the time that you order to the time that you will receive your Soul Name art in the mail. Orders out of the continental US will take longer and extra shipping charges will apply.

Soul Art

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