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Powerful Protection Against Psychic of Physical Attack, Curses, Demonic Forces, Negative Entities, Phobias, Bullies & Thieves


Felt a negative energy come over you for no apparent reason when you are near someone or around certain places? Had a curse hurled at you? Spooked by a ghost in a building? Imperiled by demonic forces? Being drained and discombobulated by an energy vampire? Or, do you encounter more mundane but still disruptive negative energies like an over demanding boss, the local bully, hurtful gossip, a physically or mentally abusive spouse, or life in a dangerous neighborhood threatened by thieves and violence? Whatever your source of negative energy, danger or threat, you’ll find effective, proven, psychic and magickal countermeasures within this book.

Psychic Self Defense draws upon Embrosewyn’s six decades of personal experience using psychic abilities and magickal defenses to thwart, counter and send back to sender, any and all hostile paranormal threats. Everything from unsupportive and dismissive family and friends, to ghosts, demons and exorcisms. The same practical and easy to learn Magickal techniques can be mastered by anyone serious enough to give it some time and practice, and can aid you immensely with a host of material world challenges as well.

17 psychic and paranormal threats are covered with exact, effective counter measures, including many real life examples from Embrosewyn’s comprehensive personal experiences with the paranormal, devising what works and what doesn’t from hard won trial and error.

Whether you are a medium needing to keep foul spirits away, or simply someone desiring to know that you, your family and property are safe and protected, you will find the means to insure peace and security with the proven methods outlined in Psychic Self Defense.


  • Create your own Magick spells tailored to your particular situation and need

  • Call upon specific angels to aid you

  • Create Crystal Energy Shields

  • Protect yourself when in a channeling or spirit medium trance

  • Use your Aura to create ASP’s (Auric Shields of Power)

  • Empower Wards for protection against specific threats

  • Recognize and counter Energy Vampires

  • Cleanse a home of negative energy

  • Cut negative energy cords to disharmonious people

  • Counter Black Magick

  • Detect alien presence

  • Banish malicious entities or demons


Though dealing with numerous and sometimes dangerous other-worldly and material world threats, the entire approach of this book is from a position of personal empowerment, no fear, and divine white light. Whether you are religious or an atheist, an experienced practitioner of the psychic and magickal arts or a neophyte, someone living in a haunted house or just an employee wanting to have a nicer boss, there will be hundreds of ways you can use the information in this book to help you in your life. And you will learn to do it in ways that are uplifting and empowering, producing results that are peaceful, safe and harmonious.


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Special Note:

Psychic Self Defense is also available as an audio book on Amazon, and in the iTunes store. You can listen while you commute to work, travel on vacation or even while you are reading the book!



"This is a great book. It is easy to read and covers psychic defense from many angles. I have experienced many psychic and paranormal events in my life and everything the author says rings true. I also like how the author presents not just "ritualistic" type of techniques in self defense, but also the more preventative and proactive things you can do in your behavior and thinking to ward off negativity in general as well keeping negative energies and entities at bay. For me, it's great to have found someone that I know is legit. I highly recommend this book." 

The Simon Cowell of Book Reviews

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