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Reiki Kate


This book is incredible! I cannot stop reading Embrosewyn's work. He has helped me immensely in trying to further discover and explore my gifts. I have purchased many of Embrosewyn's books, beginning with the Soul Mate Auras book. I loved that so much that I purchased 5 more - limiting myself thinking it might take me a while to get through them all.

Much to my surprise, I have read most all of those ALREADY! Each of them so inspiring and the content so exciting to me that I cannot put them down until I have finished each.

22 Steps to the Light of Your Soul has been among my favorites of Embrosewyn's works. I run several times per week on an anti-gravity treadmill which I love and look forward to with eager anticipation each day that I participate in that activity. However, this book was SO CAPTIVATING... SO ENLIGHTENING that rather than run, I brought "22 Steps" with me and walked at an incline for each of 3 days until I had finished the book. I knew there could be no other way.

I have already shared some of the inspiring ideas with some of my closest friends, and I will hold these words close to my heart always rereading it occasionally I am sure (particularly the first chapter which is - of course - the beginning, but it is also the end.

I am so glad this book & Embrosewyn has become such a large part of my path. This has been a most necessary stop on my journey toward transcendence.

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