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Reiki Master Kate


This book was an enjoyable read, but it also has yielded incredible results for me RIGHT AWAY! I am a reiki master, and I found a gorgeous 2.5 acre property in Green Valley, CA outside of LA proper I wanted to convince my husband to purchase for a summer home (we live in Scottsdale, AZ).


When we visited the home the first time, the realtor explained there were a number of items still in the home which belonged to the deceased couple who had owned it. One of them was the painting pictured which had I instantly recognized as having been seen before. When I was a young child, my paternal grandmother had that very painting displayed behind her living room sofa. "That couldn't be," exclaimed the realtor, "See there, she signed her name to it. Connie Tillman."


Disappointed, I considered that perhaps I was mistaken. Later that evening, I sent a photo of the painting to my brother. He confirmed that he also recognized it as the same painting Grandma had loved and displayed.


After our offer on the home was accepted, we returned to it for the inspection yesterday. There were many things wrong with the house, and my husband was ready to cancel the whole deal. I knew having this painting in the home was a sign to me that this was to be our house. Incredibly, after sitting in the living room, asking the universe for a sign for my husband to show HIM this was IN FACT to be OUR house and saying a few of the words of power in the book and looking at the sigils, I was guided to return to the painting, and turn it around! Sure enough, there was an article attached to the back which showed she had copied a famous painting. It had the title as well as a description of the characters, the story/message, etc. The sign for my husband? Well, this article was written in 04/1997 by a man named DAVID STEWART which happens to be my husband's name!!!!!!


After that, he was convinced except that we could not find a contractor willing to travel to Green Valley in time to give us a bid on the necessary repairs by our deadline next Tuesday. This morning, nearly in tears, I looked at my book again, and I recited the words of power for "bringing people into your life who can help you" while looking at the sigil. Incredibly, almost instantly - after receiving no after no after no came a yes!!!! Later in the evening came another YES! Now we have someone coming tomorrow morning and another on Monday.


Namaste! So filled with gratitude. Thank you Embrosewyn for writing this book, and thank you Universe! I wish to study Celestine Light in more depth. I so wish you did private lessons. I would gladly fly to Oregon to learn more from you directly.

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