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I will disclose this review is incomplete because I have not worked with any of the scores of angels listed in Embrosewyn's encyclopedic work on the angelic realm, which angels are in charge and over what. My impressions a third way through the almost 500 page books is that his personal accounts, while in some cases seems right out of a gifted writers' imagination, are real stories. So real I didn't want to skip to the section on how to call on a specific angel(s) for help with this or that issue I may find myself challenged with.

Well I finally got there (to the section on angels) and now I am going through the depth and width of angels available to come to our aide. This is a blessing and a bit of a curse because Embrosewyn covers so many angels in so many categories, one can become overwhelmed with the choices. My best "Aha" from the book is angels care deeply about our progress through this life from the grand to the mundane. Want to do your best on an important school or professional exam? There's an angel for that. Sorry, you still have to study for the exam. Want to know if you should take the job transfer that is promised to move you up the corporate ladder faster, but you are not sure how it will work out for you in other aspects of your life (romance potential, enjoyment of the area, spouse enjoyment of area, etc)? There's an angel for that. Want increased motivation to exercise consistently? There's an angel for that too! And much, much more. After all, there are a kajillion angels. Millions and millions more that Embrosewyn backs up with scripture. So if he is are the scriptures.

In the only 1 Star review of this book so far, the reviewer complained that some of the sigils looks too simple to take seriously (my words, but her meaning). She called the book trivial and disturbing. Embrosewyn responded, answering why some of the sigils are simple. From my inside view of the book, I have yet to run into anything remotely trivial. The reviewer failed to mention that many of the sigils are intricate in design. So intricate, the sigil for Abundance can be turned into a stainless steel, onyx and black pearl sculpture and put on display in the world's fine art museums. And I assure you nothing I have read can remotely be considered "disturbing" unless one's mind is so closed and wedged deeply into his/her own perceived dogma, you cannot consider something that is 180 degrees from your set in concrete points of view. One other negative point she made was that the sigils looked faded or "pixel poor". My words, her meaning. In my Kindle edition, the sigils are perfectly clear and not faded at all. All lines are solid in presentation. Read Embrosewyn's response to the negative review in the review comments section and decide for yourself.

The method involved in calling angels has a few more moving parts than what I am used to with my angelic contacts ritual per books from The Gallery Of Magick. And perhaps they are less involved than most angelic contact rituals. I don't know because my depth of this knowledge is not deep at all. In any case, I am open enough from my current reference points to eagerly perform them to see what results there are to experience.

Lastly, I have a medical issue that has been a problem getting resolved over the last month. I wrote Embrosewyn about it and he generously offered his advice with a few angel suggestions to bring my issue to for resolution. Based on something he said, I almost immediately got an idea to write a total stranger regarding the issue in hopes that they could offer some suggestions. I am a total stranger writing this person and considered it a Hail Mary, with little change of reply. Within 20 minutes I got a very detailed response that opened several doors to a solution to the problem I have been struggling with for a month. I told Embrosewyn about t and he said "It seems the angels were listening and solved your problem before you asked them to!" Maybe. Maybe not. All I know it was one heck of a beneficial coincidence. It seems when working with angels, beneficial coincidences happens more and more. I'll take it.

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