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T. Coker


I have always been interested in auras and when "Auras: How to See, Feel & Know" came to my attention I was intrigued in seeing if I could finally not only get to know more about auras but be able to read/interpret them as well. Mr. Tazkuvel does a wonderful job at making such a complicated and specific subject like auras easy to learn while entertaining the reader with his own experienced as an aura reader throughout his life. The guide is well-written, casual but informative, vivid with imagery (from pictures to illustrations), provides tips/tools for training the mind/eyes and ensures that the reader gets a comprehensive guide to auras in a real and tangible way. Overall, the book provided me with a wealth of information and thoughtful ideas that I am confident will help me to be able to "see, feel & know" auras with a knowledgeable eye.

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