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This is to Embrosewyn and all people, sensitives and empaths suffering from psychic attack or who have ever been through the experience of dark energy hurled at you. You know what I mean. I bought this book on Kindle around August 2017 and I read through the instructions not knowing what I was really getting myself into or what I had even discovered. At the time I wanted change, I asked for help to my angel guides and helpers and I stumbled upon this book. I started practicing the mirror method (my all time favourite now) and I had no belief at the time (like how could I? I had tried almost everything for months and nothing had ever worked for me).

I persisted and let me tell you, when I succeeded in creating my first protection and I was totally enveloped in it... my whole life changed as night and day and it has never been the same since. I was in disbelief walking around laughing (and you probably will laugh too) trying to understand how this was working the first time. I really cant put into words how I feel writing this post right now more than a half year later, with all the new experiences I have gained since putting these methods into practice. Only through your own experience will you know. This book and its teachings saved my life. There is so much more that this book is about, if you have never experienced "real" solid energetic protection from outside forces yet, the methods listed in this book, when done right, will be a godsend for you.

My deep thanks goes out to you Embrosewyn, truly, from my heart. This is the least I can give back for what I have gotten in return. I want to say so much more to you all but I'll leave it at: You are at the right place, at the right time, by no coincidence. You are here on this page for a reason. Do you want to find out why?... What are you waiting for?

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