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Could it be possible that there is a man alive on the Earth today that has been here for two thousand years? How has he lived so long? And why? What secrets does he know? Can his knowledge save the Earth or is it doomed? The humble little world of Caravan Master, Lazarus of Bethany, is about to get much bigger! Inception, the first book of the Secret Earth series, reveals the hidden beginnings of the strange, secret life of Lazarus. Bloodthirsty brigands attacking his caravans to Egypt suddenly are the least of his worries. Despite his reluctance, he is swept into a magical web of perilous intrigue involving his mysterious sister Miriam and a myriad of challenging dangers spanning dimensional space and time that never seem to end and are quite a shock for a man from 33 AD! Some say Miriam is an angel, while others are vehement that she is a witch. Lazarus learns the improbable truth about his powerful sister, and along with twenty-three other courageous men and women, is endowed with the secrets of immortality. But he learns that living the secrets is not as easy as knowing them. And living them comes at a price; one that needs to be paid in unwavering courage, stained with blood, built with toil, and endured with millenniums of sacrifice, defending the Earth from all the horrors that might have been. Beginning in a time and place of great, historical religious significance, Lazarus embarks upon a fateful stewardship that will last 2,000 years and change the course of human history. Inception is just the beginning of the odyssey.



Embrosewyn is a very great writer. Having read Oracles of Celestine Light, was really excited to find out he had another book, and that was what had prompted me to get it and read it. The book reads like an adventure. Having read and familiarized myself with Oracles of Celestine Light; this story picks up with Lazarus, who is acquainted with Yeshua of Nazareth through his sister...


Matt Pepple

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