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How to Find Your Soul Mate and "Happily Ever After"

Soul Mate Auras: How to Find Your Soul Mate & “Happily Ever After” uses dozens of full color pictures and the experience of 60 years of seeing auras, to give you the master keys to unlock the passageway to discovering your Soul Mate using the certainty of your auric connections. Every person has a unique aura and auric field generated by their seven energy centers. Find the person that you resonate strongly with on all seven energy centers and you’ll find your Soul Mate!

You can sense and see auras, even if you never have!

In Soul Mate Auras full color eye and energy exercises will help you learn how to see and feel auras and how to use that ability to identify where in the great big world your Soul Mate is living. Once you are physically in the presence of your prospective Soul Mate, you will know how to use your aura to energetically confirm that they are the one. The same methods can be used to discover multiple people that are Twin Flames with you; not quite seven auric connection Soul Mates, but still deep and expansive connections to you on five to six energy centers.

Soul Mate Auras also includes an in-depth checklist method to determine if someone is your Twin Flame or Soul Mate.

This is a proven method of confirmation, not by using your aura, but by honestly and rationally evaluating your connections on all seven of your energy centers. This is an invaluable tool for anyone contemplating marriage or entering into a long-term committed relationship. It also serves as a useful second opinion confirmation for anyone that has used their aura to find their Soul Mate.

To help inspire and motivate you to create your own “happily ever after,” Soul Mate Auras is richly accentuated with dozens of full color photos of loving couples along with profound quotes from famous to anonymous people about the wonder of Soul Mates.

Treat yourself to the reality of finding your Soul Mate or confirming the one that you have already found!



This is a very good spiritual approach about how essentially we are all connected in one way or another. I have actually used this book to double check if me and my boyfriend are in the same Aura and I made sure that we connected on all spiritual auras. I love how the author carefully explains the very thin line of someone being either your soul mate or your twin flame...


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